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Here's a glimpse into my journey and how it led me to where I am now. Beauty has always captivated me, though I never envisioned a career in this realm.


My initial foray into the industry was in 2014. My goal had been to enroll in a permanent makeup course, but I ultimately chose a regular makeup class as a foundational step.


It was there that my instructor ignited my interest in eyebrows. Her passion was infectious, and she emphasized the pivotal role eyebrows have in defining the face.


In just a few years, I found my calling at a renowned salon specializing in hair loss and took my first step into microblading. Helping women regain confidence quickly became my passion.

Love at First Sight

I was instantly captivated! The joy of restoring confidence and beauty in these women was immensely fulfilling. To some, it may seem trivial, but the feeling of being comfortable in one's skin is invaluable. This passion led me to establish Brows By Bey in 2017, where I specialized in eyebrow and eyelash treatments using cutting-edge techniques.

Brows By Bey has grown into a trusted online boutique for professionals seeking to turn their interest into a career. We offer hands-on training in application techniques for eyebrow and eyelash treatments, along with our comprehensive line of Thuya professional products.

With extensive experience, I confidently share my expertise with other artists. At Brows By Bey, we guarantee the same high standards and quality service you expect.

We're committed to excellence, using only the highest quality products. Your satisfaction is paramount. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to reach out.


Brows by Bey

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