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Here’s a little of my story and my journey that brought me to where I am today. I have always been passionate about anything related to beauty, although I never thought I would be making a career in this field.

My first class ever in the industry was in 2014. I originally wanted to enroll in a permanent makeup class but ended up doing a regular makeup class as I thought it would be a good start.

In that class, my teacher planted the eyebrow seed. She was passionate about it and always highlighted the importance the eyebrows played in the face.


Fast forward a couple of years later, I worked in a renown salon specialized in hair loss and took my first microblading class.  Helping women feel their best and confident about themselve became my passion.





I absolutely loved it! Bringing confidence back into these women and making them feel beautiful, the whole thing was so rewarding. It might sound superficial to some but feeling good in your own skin is priceless, I was hooked.


From perfecting my techniques to learning new skills and services, I founded in 2017, Brows By Bey and became an expert in eyebrow and eyelash treatment using advanced and innovative techniques. Brows By Bey is also the go-to brow and lashes online boutique for professionals looking to turn their passion into a career. We offer in-person training on application techniques on eyebrow and eyelash treatments and on our full line of Thuya professional products.


With now years of experiences under my belt, I am more than confident in my art and happy to share my knowledge with other artists. You can trust that every time you step into Brows By Bey you will receive the same high standards and quality of service that you are used to.


We are thriving for excellence and always working with the highest quality products.

Your satisfaction is very important to me! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, click here to leave me a message.


Brows by Bey

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